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Akkerdoppies Crèche:

We believe education is an even more powerful instrument when provided from a young age as early learning begets later learning, and early success breeds later success. Our vision for Akkerdoppies is to tangibly transform the lives of underprivileged children by providing them with high standard preschool education in an environment that purposely promotes early childhood development.

Since winning a public tender in December 2008 to operate on the grounds of A.F.Louw Primary School in Stellenbosch, we have refurbished the existing building and removed the old asbestos building which is being replaced by a brand new building specifically designed to suit children’s needs, and we have appointed and are currently training promising individuals from the community as staff members.  We have provided the children with playground equipment and educational toys specially designed to educate and promote physical fitness and fun, while we supply the children with nutritious food to ensure the best possible development. The crèche currently accommodates 60 children ranging in ages from 3 moths to 4 years, and we are planning to expand the crèche’s capacity to 120 in the medium term and 300 in the long term.

Stephanie Mouton’s excellent support team include a nutritionist, physical movement teachers, and a child psychologist.

The ongoing needs of the crèche include a sponsored bursary system – sponsor a child for R600 per month, and donations of books and toys.

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