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Sibusisiwe Community Care is a certified Non-Profit Organisation in South Africa (NPO Reg No 050-213) registered with the Department of Social Welfare.

Companies are required by the national BEE and SED (previously CSI) initiatives to achieve and maintain specific scores if they are to obtain certification, which will increase their ability to compete in the business sector in South Africa.

Individuals and companies can now give to a much broader range of organisations and receive a tax break for doing so. In July 2000 the Income Tax Legislation in relation to NGOs was amended for the first time in over 40 years. As a result the majority of organisations working for the public good are able to apply for income tax exemption, and the categories of organisations which can receive Section 18A donor deductible status has been extended beyond just educational institutions.

The new categories now include:

  • Support for children's organisations and the aged
  • Health care provision for indigent, terminally ill and persons with physical and mental handicaps
  • HIV/AIDS organisations
  • Training of unemployed or disabled people
  • Provision of educare

Sibusisiwe will also endeavor to provide opportunities to raise the profile of your organisation's community involvement should you so wish. This will be done through exposure in Sibusisiwe brochures, promotions and website links to Sibusisiwe. In addition, opportunities exist for your organisation to partner in certain specific projects should you and your staff want to get involved in our community projects on a more personal practical level.

The benefits of CSI In today's tough business environment no company can afford to ignore being "Socially relevant" and not invest in the communities in which it operates. Well-executed social investment projects have a definite positive effect on the image of the company. Some benefits include:

  • Provides a means to give back to the community, thus enhancing the image of the company.
  • Can improve relationships with the community.
  • Improves employee loyalty/morale.
  • Contributes to government's poverty eradication programmes.
  • Help stabilise the economic and social environment for the corporation's long-term survival.
  • Enhances business performance and the reaching of strategic goals.
  • Strengthens corporate brand identity.
  • Increases customer goodwill and loyalty.
  • Opportunities provided to build relationships with business partners.

How you can help:

There are numerous ways for you can get involved and make a difference:

  • Sponsor a child.
  • Donation towards educational materials and training.
  • Sponsor/donate toward our financial and personal development training programmes.
  • Make a monthly or annual contribution towards a specific project
  • Provide prayer covering by interceding for our different projects

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