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Skills Development:

This pillar has had a low profile for the past 18 months due to certain restrictions. Skills development in South Africa within the social development arena seems saturated. We have been searching for an opportunity to bring something truly unique to the table and think we may have found a vessel that will focus on addressing the unemployment and crime issue amongst our youth in an exciting and resourceful way. We do not want to be presumptuous, so we will have to keep this under wraps until further notice. Watch this space.

In the interim, we have had discussions with another initiative called
the WOW Project who would like to partner us with their effort in
addressing the overwhelming statistics of amongst things, issues like, the high school dropout rate of teenage girls in South Africa. We will also be starting a pilate project in Protea Heights with Teahmo which will incorporate our Business Skills program and at the same time address skills and unemployment shortage. As previously mentioned, we are eager to learn from other organisations so that we can develop this pillar with a strong foundation.

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